Honoka'a High & Intermediate School
 Jazz Band
The Honoka'a High School Jazz Band is a group of advanced music students who uphold a long tradition of excellence at Honoka'a High and Intermediate School. Under the direction of Gary Washburn, a dedicated teacher and accomplished jazz artist, the band is considered one of the states top High School Bands.
Jazz Band Advisor: Gary Washburn  
Mr. Washburn
Gary Washburn - Got his Masters degree from University of Hawaii, Attended Boston University where he worked on his Doctoral Degree in Music.  He worked in Los Angeles as a writer/arranger for Motown, and then moved to Hawaii where he became a composer, musician and school teacher .  His award-winning concept of High School Band is unique only unto itself.  It is completely geared toward teaching students how to become popular music performers, many of them moving on from high school into the entertainment industry.  In 2010, Gary was awarded the “Class Nobel Educator of Distinction Award” and in 2011 the Grammy Foundation awarded him with a very sizeable grant for his unique and outstanding band program.